The InnerG Coaching Program is designed to help you

  1. define your career and life goals
  2. assess your strengths using Gallup StrengthsFinder
  3. create the roadmap to reach your goals
  4. stay committed to your action plans

How does the InnerG Coaching Program work?

  1. Discovery session to assess strengths, define broad goals, and review readiness
  2. Regular 1 on 1 coaching on defining the roadmap and actions
  3. Frequent connects to provide continued support
  4. Mid program review to assess client progress

Why innergcoach?

  1. You work with certified coaches from the world's leading coach certification bodies (ICF, Gallup)
  2. Your coaches have worked with over 100 clients across industries and geographies
  3. You will benefit from over 5 decades of collective industry experience across manufacturing and services
  4. You will be fully in charge of your coaching program by designing your successful career and a fulfilled life
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